Sprayright Plus

The most advanced powder coating equipment. It comes with a powder coating gun(Infiniti™), a digital control panel, a RealTimeSiever to sieve while you spray and many other unique advantages that give you the best finish.

Multistatic Series 700 Supreme

This workhorse is famous for its solid reliability and superb performance. It comes with an ‘Infiniti™’ powder spray gun, a control panel with a performance monitor, a fast colour change hopper and a host of other features the make it the preferred manual powder coating machine for most uses.

Multistatic Series 700 Supreme – Dipstick™

Specially designed powder coating machine for multi-colour operations. The M700 Dipstick™ delivers colour changes in 15 seconds. It comes with an ‘Infiniti™’ powder spray gun, a control panel with a performance monitor, a Dipstick™ and many other features the make it the best choice for multi-colour coating applications.

Multistatic Series 700 Supreme – Twin

Operate Two Guns from One control panel Powder coating system designed for conveyorised powder coating plants, where two operators spray powder on objects moving on a conveyor. It comes with an ‘Infiniti™’ powder spray gun, a special ‘twin’ control panel with a performance monitor and many other features to ensure the coated object gets perfect powder coverage.

Multistatic Series 700 Supreme – Dual

For back to back powder coating booth. From the family of MULTISTATIC CORONA HOPPER SERIES- DUAL-Powder coating equipment specially designed for online powder coating plant. Spray from the same powder hopper.

Sprayright- Series 700 Premium

A simple, lightweight powder coating gun for heavy duty powder coating. A machine made to deliver results in demanding coating situations; consistently, every day. Achieve higher coating speeds and higher powder coverage with Spary right 700 powder coating machines.

Tribo Powder Coating System

The Tribo powder coating gun is the purest form of electro static powder charging. It charges the powder using friction, eliminating the issues caused by the faradays cage effect. Can be used to coat the most complex shapes perfectly.

Multistatic Series 700 Supreme – Briefcase

Mitusba’s portable powder coating system is designed for powder manufacturers, resin manufacturers for field trials and laboratory applications. It is used by leading powder manufacturers like AkzoNobel, Berger, Jotun, PPG, Marpol, Rapid and others.

Sprayright Series 700 Premium – Expert

A small handy table-top model. It accommodates a complete powder coating system, suitable for both Corona and Tribo Guns. Ideally suited for small powder trial and small production requirement.

Sprayright Plus Automatic

Now get the most advanced powder coating machine in an automatic version. It comes with a powder coating gun(Infniti-V2), and a host of other unique features to give you the best finish with reduced coating times and increased powder savings.

Multistatic Series 700 – Automatic

The M700 is available as an automatic system. Take your powder coating operation to the next level with Mitsuba’s automatic powder coating guns. Get a Perfect finish with consistent uniform film thickness.

Tribo Series Automatic

Mitsuba’s Tribo series available as an automatic system. The Tribo guns can be mounted onto a reciprocator or can be fixed in one position. Coat the most complex shapes, now with the reliability and consistency of an automatic system.

Electro – Mechanical Reciprocator

Move to a new level of powder coating efficiency and consistency with the Mitsuba’s Reciprocator finishing systems. For the best result integrate the reciprocators with powder spray guns and a conveyor with a Magic Eye System. Multi-Axis reciprocators are available to coat any object with the best possible finish.

Electro Mechanical Oscillators

Mitsuba’s Electro mechanical Oscillators are a basic, start-up automation tool for industrial powder coating set ups. Achieve automation; reach a new level of productivity with Oscillators.

Spray Police

New generation powder optimization equipment. Eliminate powder wastage and increase profitability. Automatically turns off extra spray guns depending upon product shape and size.

Powder Coating Booth with Cyclone Recovery – UNI Series

Suitable for big automatic plants where a large quantity of powder is to be sprayed & recovered. Change colours quickly and easily.

Powder Coating Booth with Rotary Cyclone Recovery

The new rotary cyclone booths use rotary vanes in each cyclone thereby boosting the centrifugal force & providing the extra spin essential for 98% powder recovery.

Powder Coating Booth with Cartridge Recovery

Get the highest power recovery and fastest colour change with a cartridge recovery system. 99.99% of the powder sprayed is recovered. Get more coating per kilogram of powder used.

After Filter Suitable For Cyclone & Rotary Cyclone Recoveries

Cyclone, Rotary Cyclone recoveries will capture up to 98% of the overspray powder. The remaining powder which is fine powder will escape out into the atmosphere. The cartridge type after filter will capture this fine powder and will only allow clean air to be expelled out

RealTimeSiever- Sieve While You Spray

The newest break through in the powder coating industry. Sieve powder while you spray. The siever separates powder into distinct particles to give you an even, consistent finish that is a vast improvement over conventional powder sievers.

Powder Management System

The Over sprayed powder does not have to be wasted and can be used by sieving and mixing it with new powder in a prescribed proportion. The Powder Manager automates the powder transfer from the powder bin in the recovery, then sieves the powder and mixes the old and new powder in the desired proportion.

Powder Kitchen

Mitsuba’s powder kitchen is a new method of collecting overspray powder from the bin of powder recovery booth, sieving the powder, mixing old and new powder and colour change for an industrial powder coating plant.

Hopper Mounted and Stand Alone Siever

Fit the powder siever on Mitsuba’s powder hopper or have a dedicated stand-alone siever. Sieving the powder ensures proper flow characteristics and a high-quality surface finish.

PTFE- ECTFE Powder Coating Gun

Mitsuba offers a unique powder coating gun for PTFE, Nylon, ECTFE and PFA powders. As these powders have their own coating challenges and charging characteristics, a regular powder coating gun will not deliver the optimum results.

Pipe Coating Equipment

World’s first Integrated 100 KV powder spray gun specially designed for Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coating for the pipe line industry.

Rebar Coating Equipment

Mitsuba is a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of rebar powder coating equipment to coat fusion bonded epoxy powder for reinforcing bars(TMT). FBE coated rebars have better corrosion resistance and high flexibility which allows the bar to be bent without damaging the coating.

Compact Gun & Booth for Powder & Resin Manufacturers

A combination of a fast color change gun and a powder spray booth with a cartridge type recovery for laboratory use.


Powder Coating System For Powder & Resin Manufacturers

Designed for powder and resin manufacturers. Used around the world to coat hundreds of powder samples in multiple colors every day.



Powder Coating Equipment for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Process

Designed to spray a fluorescent dye to the surface of an object to check for any defects that may compromise the quality or integrity of the part.




Powder Coating Machine to Spray Boron Nitride Powder for Aluminum Extrusion Application

Designed to spray a thin film of electro statically charged boron nitride powder to facilitate a smooth extrusion process for aluminium. This results in a reduction of defects usually found when using conventional lubricants.

Electrostatic Talc Powder Spray System For Green Rubber Tubes

compact, clean and automatic system to electrostatically spray-recover-reuse Chalk/Talc powder on green tyres. Save powder, labour and eliminate rejection.


Fluidising Cup

This very convenient, portable, self fluidising cup is extremely useful for powder testing, trials and immediate coating requirements. It is capable of quick colour changes as it is very easy to clean and operate.

Extension Muzzles

Coat deep recessed areas with ease and uniformity using the extension lances which are available in various lengths.


Corona Classic Attachment

Eliminates the ‘Faraday’s Cage Effect’ and guarantees a smooth and perfect finish, even on the most complicated workpieces. Use this brilliant attachment to substantially reduce the ‘orange peel effect’.

Efficiency Meter

Measure the quality of the gun, powder chargeability and grounding, instantly with the Efficiency Meter. Ensure your powder coating set up is working at the highest efficiency at all times. Mitsuba’s Efficiency Meter is compatible with all brands of guns.

Range of Hoppers

powder hopper in the range of 2 kG to 200 KG for automatic as well as manual powder coating operation.

Powder Spray Nozzles

Boost your production by selecting from a wide range of powder spray nozzles which have been designed specifically for varyingly contoured objects. Also, find a nozzle specially made to coat metallic powders with the same high quality and ease as regular powders